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A Carregar Resultados de Pesquisa

How do I contact you?

a)       You may contact us by phone or e-mail at:

+351 226 054 081



b)      If you are an international account, please contact us at:

+351 917 773 971



c)        You may contact us by filling in the form from the link below:


Is it possible to develop an exclusive tailor-made project or am I only allowed to purchase articles from the catalogue?

Depending on the size of the project, you can choose either a tailor-made service or articles from the catalogue.


TROT has a vast portfolio of solutions/articles that can be easily customized without the need of an exclusive tailor-made project.


The design and the personalization will always be the foundation of the project.


The cost and delivery period vary with the development needs.

How do I develop my project?

Our business process includes the following main steps:

a)       Project Meeting

In this meeting with our Sales Manager, the client's goals and needs are identified.

Depending on the dimension of the project, you can count on the participation of an element from the design department.

The objective is to obtain an increased perception of the context, corporate identity, requirements for the functionality of the pieces, colors, patterns, etc... this will be important for the development of the project.

b)      Preparation of the creative proposal

After the previous step, a creative proposal will be developed by the design department, which will be presented to the client and may be subject to adjustments until their complete satisfaction.

c)       Presentation of a quotation

Once the creative proposal is closed, the budget is prepared and sent to the client for award.

d)      Sample production

Samples of the articles will be produce in order to guarantee their conformity and that they materialize the creative idea that gave rise to them.

e)      Sample approval and

After approval of the samples, the project is considered completed, and the customer must place the respective order to start production.

Is the production all carried out inside the company or outside as well?

Trotinete, Lda works in a vertical integration process. It has design, purchasing departments, as well as production units for cutting and confection, with the capacity to produce samples and small series.

Larger orders are prepared indoors and sent to their manufacturing partners for production. Some of our partners have been with us since the creation of the company almost 30 years ago.

How long does it usually take to develop a project?

This varies with project complexity. As main variables we have the number of models.

The deeper the project meeting, the more likely it is to be correctly interpreted and work well from the start, minimizing the number of iterations with the customer.

What is the estimated delivery time after placing the order?

Normally the production period is up to 30 calendar days after receiving the order, with the exception of the production of "special sizes" (non-standard sizes), which require modeling and whose term is up to 45 days.

Is there a MOQ (minimu morder quantity)?

The minimum quantities approved by the management are 50 units per model (which may however comprise different sizes).

Lower quantities may be accepted, although with a higher price.

How do you process the distribution?

Our entire logistical process is managed in-house, order preparation and dispatch and stock management.

We have partnerships established with transport operators, at very competitive costs, which guarantee distribution to all regions of mainland and insular Portugal, as well as to all European countries.

Does the company offer an online platform to place and manage the orders?

The company offers its clients a personal online platform “Online Private Store”, a tool developed for its B2B business customers, which allows:


• Personalized Profiles;

• Register Employees;

• Register and save the employee’s sizes;

• Stock availability;

• Placing and managing orders;

What is your shipping costs policy?


The shipping cost is applied depending on the amount ordered and/or location.

The details are handled during the meetings.


In exchanges, the shipping cost is shared. This is, the return is on the customer's account and the re-shipment if on Trotinete, Lda’s account.


If the return is due to a defect or any other reason attributable to TROT, the costs will be charged to us. Otherwise, it will be the customer's account.






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